Latex Extension - 3"

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Latex Extension - 3"

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  • Roll-down unscented sleeve
  • Superior support
  • Comfortable snug fit
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This little (or, with 3 inches of added length, not so little) gem of a product from California Exotic addresses the desire to add some length while delivering the best sensation possible for the wearer. Their creative solution is essentially to attach the tip of an extender to a condom! And it works! Combine the feel of safe sex with super-sized penetration and everyone wins. And because it’s relatively small and discrete compared to standard extenders, you can slip this on as if you’re putting on a condom and deliver a pleasant surprise to your partner.

The tip is a realistic mold with just the right balance of firmness and softness to dive deep but bend when necessary. The textured exterior of the latex sleeve adds additional stimulation for your partner and at just under 0.5 ounces in weight, the tip is light enough to remain in place without all the extra material of your standard extender. Because this product is made of latex, only use water-based lube. And don’t throw this away after use: if you clean it well with toy cleaner after every use this toy will last a long time. This is a great extender to add to your collection.

Brand: California Exotic

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Customer Reviews
A surprising purchase... - November 5, 2018
Reviewed By: penny

"TBH, I ordered this as a joke with my wife. But when we tried it...

It honestly surprised us with how this little toy can make our lovemaking better. My wife loves the extra 3 inch penetration, it make her scream so loud I think we woke our neighbors with her noise. And I like how it�s easy to use, just like slipping a condom! We can slip this anywhere thanks to its tiny size, we even used this in a public bathroom once, and it�s easy to hide in our pockets once we�re done with the dirty deed.
So what do I wanna say? This is the best surprise purchase I have ever made.

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