Fantasy X-Tensions Mega 3" Extention

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Fantasy X-Tensions Mega 3" Extention

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  • This X-tension will give you 66% more girth all around
  • The Fanta flesh feels so life like that your partner will have a hard time telling it apart from your skin
  • Using this erection enhancer will make it easy to satisfy you partner.
  • The 3 Inch extension will make you feel like the stallion you are
  • This will make the night unforgettable for both your partner and you
$38.95 - $39.95
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In case the Mega 2 just wasn't enough, or maybe your partner is ready for the next level, the Mega 3” Extension builds on the success of its predecessor and simply adds another inch to the near-perfect Mega 2. Using the same Fanta Flesh material for it's soft, stretchy, phthalate free, body safe TPE, The Mega 3” drops a solid 3 inch tip on top of the realistic 6 inch shaft to create a 9 inch pleasure wand.

The Mega 3's super-stretchy material allows it to fit most sizes while remaining snug enough to stimulate the wearer as well. It's also designed to be trimmed at the base for the perfect fit. For the times when you're struggling to get or maintain an erection, remember to use a penis pump to get hard and a cock ring to remain hard. Then put a little lube on your cock before sliding into the Mega 3 and then spread some lube over the extension to help your new mega cock slip in.

Extensions are great to use as part of role play, or when your partner is tied up and blind folded, or as part of foreplay, as you unpack the Mega 3 and tell your partner exactly what you plan to do with your new sexual super powers. The soft material gives the Mega 3 a realistic feel, so when your partner reaches for your super-sized cock, they can imagine their favorite porn star dropping in for a visit.

Clean with warm water and soap after every use. Completely dry before storage. Consider using a toy cleaner or a little rubbing alcohol to completely disinfect the toy. We also recommend rinsing the toy prior to use to remove any residue from production and packaging.

Product Specifications:
  • 9” long, 2” wide, 6” circumference
  • inner diameter 1.25"
  • Veined shaft for realistic look and feel
  • 3” solid bulbous tip for added length
  • soft ‘Fanta Flesh' material that stretches to fit
  • made from 100% phthalate free, body-safe TPE
  • designed to be trimmed for perfect fit

Brand: Pipedream

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Customer Reviews
the most comprehensive toy... - November 6, 2018
Reviewed By: Delattre

I'm a big fan of penis extensions and tried a lot of this from different shops and stores. So far this is the most comprehensive penis enhancement system I had. Since my wife wants more and really enjoys extension, we chose this 3 inch additional and who knows it's really the next level and more deeper. I can see on my wife's face that she was was so satisfied every time we make out. Instantly it adds girth and length, it's very easy to use, it's safer than pills, super stretchy, 100% phthalate free and my wife mentioned as well that it's very much realistic. So if you want to have a really really (you know) a really deep penetration you never had before and your partner want it to be bigger and thicker than before have some adventure by using this. By the way our gay friends actually recommended this and if you're one, use this as well since this is the ultimate and life like pleasure machine that I highly recommend to you my friend..

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