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Fleshlight Pink Lady

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Fleshlight Pink Lady

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#1 Selling Male Sex Toy in the World!

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The best selling male sex toy in the world burst onto the market in the late 90s and is aptly named after its flesh-like silicon-based material (called ‘Super Skin®') and it's hard case, which resembles a flashlight. Unlike many products, the Fleshlight was born from necessity: the inventor's wife was bedridden during pregnancy and the husband saw before him a vast expanse of sexless terrain—and he had to do something. The result was the Fleshlight, and the product reflects the ‘hands on' perfectionism of Steve Jobs. This is pretty much as good as it gets: the thick, supple material feels great and lasts, it's easy to clean and store and, most importantly, it's intended to be heated. Yes! Even avid fans of the Fleshlight overlook this key enhancer: you can purchase Fleshlight's ‘Sleeve Warmer' or, even better, simply drop the sleeve in a basic of warm/hot water prior to use. But the thing that takes the experience over the top and simulates real penetration better than anything else is to warm up your lube. Just drop the lube in the warm basin with the sleeve and wait until it reaches the temperature you're looking for. Then squirt it into the sleeve and watch it blow more than just your mind!

Many end up owning multiple Fleshlights--and for good reason. First, they have different textures that offer different experiences; second, the line of porn star Fleshlights enhances the fantasy of being with your favorite performer—remember, the molds are taken directly from the performer's body, so the Fleshlight is an accurate replica of the real thing; finally, by using Fleshlights with different amounts of lube at different temperatures, you can create completely unique sensations that help you learn how to 1) retain an erection after orgasm and 2) have multiple orgasms.

The Original Pink Lady comes with three different options for inserts: the original smooth insert; the Supper Ribbed insert that, well, is supper ribbed; and the Vortex, which has various spiraled chambers to pass through that create different sensations of suction and penetration.

It's very important to clean your Flashlight properly after every use and it's critical to completely dry the case and the sleeve when you store the unit. In addition to soap and water, it's a good idea to use a toy cleaner or some rubbing alcohol every now and then to completely sterilize the unit. If you find your sleeve starts to stick to itself, sprinkle a little powdered corn starch on a completely dry unit to address the problem.

Brand: Fleshlight

Product Details

Material: SuperSkin
Texture: Ribbed
Color: Pink
Length: 10 inches
Insertable Length: 7.7 inches
Diameter: 2.5 inches


  • Waterproof

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