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I usually don’t like “Drama” in the bedroom, but there is one case where I actively seek it. Imagine walking into the bedroom and absolutely shocking, surprising and delighting your partner with your shiny new cock! Every night you can actually transform your pleasure-poker and deliver not only a dramatic and entertaining visual, but an entirely new sensation upon penetration. And while your partner might love your cock the way it is, trust me: they will find GREAT pleasure in experiencing different lengths, widths, textures and angles when you dawn one of the best, but little-known, sexual enhancers: penis extensions!

Xtend It Kit Swirl
Fantasy X-Tensions Pleasure Sleeve
Enter the Dragon Penis Sleeve

While penis extensions are great for adding girth and length, this is hardly their only use. Extensions make a big man even bigger! Or wider! They add angularity for stimulation! They transform the color and texture of your skin! They can be great for role-play, they can be a surprise (‘I wonder what he’s going to fuck me with tonight?’). In short, if you have enough enhancers, you can have radically different sex every night.

Daddy Cocksheath with Balls

Take a look at a few of these stunning products: strap on the Daddy Cocksheath with Balls and walk into the bedroom and—WOW! Or slip this textured tantalizer on and watch your partner shiver with anticipation! In addition to providing a new experience of penetration for your partner, extensions are also great for role play. If your partner has been naughty, for instance, try blindfolding them and talking dirty, telling them how your going to punish them with your big cock. Or, with them blindfolded and lying face down, let them reach back and grab your new member and quiver with surprise. Extensions are visually stunning, fun, effective and cheap. And with some of our more popular models starting at $15, there’s no reason not to own one for every day of the week.

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