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The fact is that for most men, toys carry a stigma, but masturbating is healthy on many levels; not only does it feel great, but it actually helps with sexual performance: it can help increase stamina, improve your ability to have multiple orgasms, improve your ability to recover quickly or maintain a hard-on past the first orgasm, and it can help you enjoy foreplay as you learn to resist just sticking your dick in and cumming in 5 minutes (who? me?). You shouldn't be looking for 'the right toy'. Look for a variety of toys that can combine to provide everything you need, and don't be shy about using them together creatively. And don't forget - you should also definitely check out our articles on the blog that talk about how to get the most out of your toys. Shop Masturbators Shop



You gotta have good lube - and plenty of it. The lube market is vastly more diverse and richer than it used to be: there are environmentally friendly lubes, flavored lubes, anti-bacterial lubes, and lubes for different purposes let alone silicone and water-based lubes. In general, silicone lubes last longer so you can use less lube; they're thicker and don't get sticky, and stay on in water (which also means they're harder to clean off). Water-based lubes are generally better for use with silicone and soft/cyberskin toys, are easier to clean but are not effective in or with water, and they tend to dry out much faster than silicone. In general, glycerine-free, water-based lubes are best for vaginal sex (lube with glycerine can contribute to yeast infection, and silicone lubes are harder to clean) while silicon is better for masturbation in general and anal play in particular. There are now hybrids which attempt to combine the best of both, such as Please Cream Lubricant and the Sliquid Silk Lube. Shop Lubes Fleshlights



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